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+£15m on NEC Option B
Fibre network installation

TWO PLUS TWO were appointed Expert Witness by the main contractor to provide a report, for adjudication, as to the true value of the subcontractor’s works at the point of termination in accordance with clause 93.1 of the NEC and the specified method of measurement, including:

– The correct PWDD as at the date of termination taking in to account the numerous defects;

– Identifying the liability and correct valuation of the compensation events;

– Identifying any culpable delay on the part of the main contractor;

– Valuing the true cost of rectifying the defects; and

– Valuing the cost of completing the subcontract works by the replacement subcontractor.

Stew, David, Peter, Katrina
Expert Witness, dispute preparation, measurement, change identification, delay analysis, cost analysis