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Duncan Storey

Graduate Quantity Surveyor

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

Measurement, Cost Analysis, Change Valuation

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Duncan Storey
Duncan Storey

Duncan has been part of the TWO PLUS TWO team since December 2019.

Duncan’s mission: To continue to develop his professional knowledge every day in order to have a successful career in the construction industry and always bringing enthusiasm to every task he is involved in.

After leaving school Duncan worked in the hospitality industry and after volunteering as a trainee quantity surveyor at a local civil engineering subcontractor was offered an apprenticeship. Duncan started his Degree Apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying in 2017 in December 2019 joined the TWO PLUS TWO team.

Duncan has been involved in a wide range of projects which has given him a broad understanding of construction from start to finish, showing versatility in any role he is allocated.

Duncan does everything he can to help others around him. He is a Student Representative for his university and regularly contributes at university events to help give those new to the course helpful advice based on his personal experience. Duncan is also a member of the CECA North East Foundations Group.

Duncan loves camping, hiking, walking his dogs, and participating/watching sports.