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Meet Ross, our Associate...

First things first, can you explain a bit about your role at TWO PLUS TWO?

As an Associate, my role involves staff development, managing client relationships and managing TWO PLUS TWO teams on various projects. I carry out specific commissions for our clients such as Commercial Management and dispute resolution across the infrastructure sector.

How long have you been at the company?

8 years.

What led you to this career?

It was by chance. Looking at degrees and Universities, I attended a talk on Quantity Surveying for a potential summer placement with a large contractor. I was offered a day release/apprenticeship in Bristol so decided to take up the offer rather than full time uni.

Describe your management/working style in 3 words.

Honest, balanced, and passionate.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing our members of staff develop, empowering them and showing confidence in them to do the job. Problem solving for clients helping them overcome complex issues.

What’s the best thing about working at TWO PLUS TWO?

The variety of commissions we complete which enhances experience and development – it crosses a wide range of industries. The team I work with and the support towards continual learning and development.

If you weren’t an Associate at TWO PLUS TWO, what would you be?

Sports journalist.

On a day held in your honour, what would people have to do?

Eat lots of great food, drink lots of good beer and wine, go and watch Wales play rugby then look forward to the hangover.

You’re walking to work on a Monday morning, what song is playing?

Whatever surprise my Hip Hop & R&B Throwback album from the 90s and 00s delivers.

It’s your last meal on earth, what’s on the menu?

Seafood starter, very large steak with all the trimmings, sticky toffee pudding and ice cream followed by cheeseboard, but that’s only if it’s my last meal! 🙂

How would your colleagues describe you?

Dedicated, confident, honest, passionate.